78 minutes | Apr 20, 2019

Stacking Wisdom – 008 - Charlene Norman (www.bulletproofconsulting.ca)

Charlene Norman drops wisdom on our podcast unlike anyone else before. In this MUST see/listen episode 008 of Stacking Wisdom podcast she talks about owning a winning mind set and how this gift allowed her to have a 30+ year spanning career as a top manager running multiple multi million-dollar companies to top levels of success. She opens up about what motivated her to become the best manager and to continue to improve and improve to be the best of the best. Charlene talks about the secret she discovered that took her 25 years to discover, which she believes is the true key to success in business. We discuss the mental approach necessary to motivate and work together with your subordinates to achieve the results necessary for the ultimate success of the business. We discuss how her winning mindset allowed her to accomplish a number of accolades in achieving unheard of goals in business. Charlene gets personal, by sharing with us how she ended up falling into a coma after having a stroke and how she proved all the doctors wrong because of her mental strength and drive to recovery. We discuss the mind strength and how this tool can be used to achieve any results you desire. We discuss how distraction and complaining is ruining peoples lives and is taking away from their purpose. With the winning mindset you are able to overcome obstacles, achieve great things and stop dwelling on your hurts. Brutal honesty is an essential part on the road to success in life. EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO YOU FROM CHARLENE: Sign up at www.bulletproofyourbusinessnow.com and grab your free copy of Charlene’s Winning Mindset Game Plan.  PLUS get in on her amazing offer!  Designed especially to help you network notably, market yourself magnificently, and sell superbly.  Special pricing available exclusively to Stacking Wisdom listeners until May 3rd 2019.
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