28 minutes | Sep 26th 2020

Kim McIntyre: Find Your Inner Calm

Kim had challenges in her life, as a young child she thought something was wrong with her. she was shy and had fear and anxiety. Acting helped her overcome her shyness. Also, Kim’s mom passed away, and she had to put her plans on hold. Now Kim helps her clients to calm down, breathe deeply, ask the right questions, and give them stress relief tools. Feeling stressed, call Kim today.

Kim McIntyre

Kim McIntyre on Sprinting To Success Podcast

Kim McIntyre has been teaching and speaking for decades, guiding people to find their inner calm. She is a Stress Relief Strategist, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Certified Laughter Leader and CEO of Joyful Being Transformations. Throughout her life she has challenged herself to overcome fear and expand her comfort zone.

“Ask yourself if what I am thinking is true.” Kim McIntyre

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