35 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

Ep. 31 How to Get Reimbursed for Missing Inventory Easily with Joseph Abitbol from Seller Locker

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Welcome to the Sprint to Profit podcast. This podcast was developed by and for Amazon Sellers to give you the latest strategies that are working right now to grow your Amazon business profitably as well as how to plan for your future growth and lifestyle. If you are currently selling on Amazon or looking to get started in selling private label products on Amazon, then you’re in the right place to learn more about the ins and outs of the process and strategies it takes to develop a long-term sustainable business, that brings you income month after month, year after year.

In this episode, we are going to be speaking with Joseph Abitbol the founder Seller Locker, which is a software tool that connects to your Amazon Seller Central account to help sellers open cases and get reimbursed for missing inventory or other issues that arise from Amazon FBA warehouse mishaps.

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Talking Points:

  • 00:22 - Welcome
  • 00:55 - About Joseph Abitbol and Seller Locker
  • 05:20 - How Seller Locker helps their customers
  • 11:44 - How Seller Locker helps Amazon sellers get reimbursed
  • 13:00 - Why does Amazon do this?
  • 18:58 - A time when a customer had an eye opening experience with getting reimbursed
  • 21:10 - How far back can Seller Locker go?
  • 28:28 - Seller Locker rates
  • 30:47 - Common mistakes and Last Minute Comments
  • 34:22 - Conclusion



Seller Locker: https://sellerlocker.com/

Seller Locker: http://sellerlocker.com/?fp_ref=goteamreal (Seller Locker INCREASED their offer from 24280.31 PHP ($500) to 48560.63 PHP ($1000) of reimbursements with no commissions.)

Our Website: https://www.goteamreal.com/

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11:24 - “So even if you’re doing reimbursements at home, don’t open up a hundred cases. Open up ten cases and take them all the way to the end. Then move on to the next ten cases. Or you can use a simple tool like this that’ll manage the process for you.” - Joseph Abitbol

22:43 - “The other big thing that adds to our success is the prep tools that we’ve built, like you mentioned. The quality of the case is more important than how many cases you open..” - Joseph Abitbol

24:42 - “This comes from me having to manage this process manually and then documenting my journey and turning them into features.” - Joseph Abitbol

31:22 - “In the long run, it definitely pays yourself 10x back. Having a solution. Getting your time back. You know you’re doing the best thing you could be doing for your business, which is freeing up cash flow. And you don’t have to worry about it cause that’s what we worry about all day.” - Joseph Abitbol

Brought to you by Kirsty Verity and Isaac Kuhlman of Sprint to Profit 

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