44 minutes | Mar 12, 2021

#6: Gernot Schwendtner on intrapreneurship, career transition advice, thinking short- and long-term, and seeing opportunities in challenges

Today's guest is Gernot Schwendtner, co-founder of weGrow International. weGrow International is a hands-on advisory partner, specialised in helping tech startups and scaleups achieve fast and sustainable international growth in Europe. Alongside its core teams in Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris, they work with a network of around 100 experienced scaling-experts, to offer a comprehensive suite of services in all areas of internationalisation and they have clients all over Europe and the USA. Previous to weGrow International, Gernot was responsible for marketing and international market expansion at a Dutch travel scale-up, managing director of an Austrian travel business, and founded and successfully ran a corporate venture-studio for a media company as intrapreneur for many years.
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