39 minutes | Dec 13, 2020

#4: Zeno Keilhacker on following your vision, doing business in unconventional places, and the benefits from diverse teams

Today’s guest is Zeno Keilhacker, an entrepreneur who has devoted his life to creating new businesses and doing it all on his own.With his background in international management, and speaking seven languages, Zeno is the owner and CEO of “Blue Travel Iceland”, “Blue House B&B”, and “Gròtta Northern Lights”. He is all about sustainable, and responsible businesses which is why these days he has dedicated his complete attention to SiciliaMia, a multifaceted startup he is creating with a focus on tourism, agriculture and their co-relation with developments of regions in the south of Italy.Having travelled the world and met diverse groups, Zeno has chosen to work with young international groups of people, and has every intention of guiding and pushing them towards their true potential, and moulding them into the next generation of leaders they are destined to be.
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