83 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

#3: Claudia Müller on setting small goals and big dreams, asking for help, and weighing down- and upsides of starting a business

Today’s guest is Claudia Müller. Claudia worked in the German Central Bank (Bundesbank) before starting her own company. After several years in the public sector, Claudia decided that she wanted to be her own boss. Putting into practice the knowledge from her studies in International Economics and Public Policy and the experience she gained at the Bundesbank, Claudia founded the Female Finance Forum, a company that teaches women about money management and financial products. Within three years, Claudia managed to publish a book, appear on national television, and motivate thousands of women to take their finances into their own hands. In our discussion we focused on the process Claudia underwent before taking the decision to leave the public sector’s security. What was the most important question Claudia asked herself before taking the plunge? And what are her learnings after three years of entrepreneurship?
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