43 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

#1: Tejas Nerurkar on Idea Generation, Finding Mentors, Optimism and Gratitude

Our first guest is Tejas Nerurkar. Tejas is interesting because entrepreneurship is really the only career he has known.  Today, Tejas loves thinking long term, he loves product design, and he loves software that reduces paper and material usage. As a kid though, Tejas was mostly obsessed with his computer; he was always building and tinkering. After university, he turned that tinkering into a business and today, his firm, Optimum Output, supports hundreds of companies around the world. Optimum Output's primary product is a paper-free visual training app for enterprises called The BPR. But more than the details of his business, what we want to understand about Tejas is something we are going to focus on in this podcast journey. What is the mindset of an entrepreneur as they start? And more importantly what makes them tick?
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