12 minutes | May 11, 2020

Common Running Injury - Overlooked Fix For IT Band Pain

Sports Rehab Success Show Episode #25: Common Running Injury - Fix IT Band Pain and Outside Knee Pain Your #1 site for all things sports rehab, sports performance, and orthopedic rehabilitation is: https://www.sportsrehabexpert.com/ Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, MI: https://www.annarbor.physio/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sportsrehabexpert/ One of the most common injuries in runners is IT band syndrome or lateral knee pain.  Many people try endlessly stretching and foam rolling this area in hopes to get relief. Instead what they get is sometimes temporary relief. But always feel the need to stretch or foam roll the area because the problem keeps returning. Instead, find the source of the problem to fix it for good! Building medial (inside) strength of the hamstrings and quads to limit the over activity of the lateral musculature of vastus lateralis, bicep femoris, and the famous IT band pain syndrome.  Balancing the workload of these muscles can be a game changer to change pain and improve your running pain free.
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