56 minutes | Jul 10th 2019

Conrad Thompson and Chris Herring

Episode 60 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features two guests: First up is Conrad Thompson, the host of four immensely popular wresting podcasts: Something to Wrestle (with Bruce Pritchard); 83 Weeks (with Eric Bischoff), What Happened When (with Tony Schiavone) and Grilling JR with Jim Ross. He is followed by Chris Herring, a senior NBA writer for FiveThirtyEight and the former Knicks beat writer at The Wall Street Journal.  In this podcast, Thompson discusses Bischoff and Pritchard taking job with the WWE and what that means for his podcasts; what he expects from Bischoff and Pritchard episodes heading forward; how much, if at all, the content of those podcasts will change; whether Pritchard has pulled any punches about the WWE since joining them earlier this year; how Thompson’s production schedule and live show schedule has changed with Bischoff and Pritchard taking WWE jobs; whether he has interacted with any WWE officials about the content of the pod; why you don’t hear current WWE talk on his pods; how he and Ross came together to do a podcast; why Grilling JR has been so successful from the jump; why Ross is so good in the podcast nostalgia space; why Pat Patterson, Kevin Dunn, Triple H and Jeff Jarrett would be excellent for this format; how much of the current product Thompson consumes and much more.  Herring discusses how the many free agent moves might impact the popularity and viewership of the NBA product; whether so-called parity or super-teams are better for NBA popularity; the impact of Lakers and Clippers moves on television viewership; how the Kawhi Leonard news cycle played out and what it meant for journalism and hot talkers, and much more.  You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Radio.com and more.

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