46 minutes | Nov 21, 2020

Serving Others Always Comes Back Twofold, The Rookie Contract Duo: Kate Norum and Dakota Zientek

The special guests of this episode are Kate Norum and Dakota Zientek. the duo behind the “Rookie Contract” podcast. They focus on the rookies of the sports industry. They interview interns and typically those with 5 or less years of full-time experience. We discuss what the biggest reward for them podcasting has provide, how they overcame any nerves, and their own future sports industry career. You can follow the Rookie Contract podcast on Twitter: @Rookie_Contract Instagram: @therookiecontract Dakota Zientek on Twitter @DakotaZientek Kate Norum on Twitter @katenorum Visit sportsasajob.com the home for the aspiring and current sports industry professional. Take a listen to our other podcasts or read our articles putting the spotlight on the professionals in the sports industry --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sportsasajob/support
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