36 minutes | Oct 4, 2020

Senior Data Analyst for Zoomph, Geoff Blosat

The guest on this episode of the Sports As A Job podcast is Geoff Blosat. He is a senior data analyst for Zoomph. His path to working in sports is non-traditional. It didn’t start right after graduating college in 2014. Instead, he worked out of sports before getting his first job with the Washington Football team as a digital media analyst. Geoff is usually big on using stats and numbers to explain things. Instead in this episode, he shares his experiences throughout his life to help you navigate the sports industry. We discuss him getting fired from his first job, majoring in International Business in college, and how networking has helped him get the opportunities he has.  Follow Geoff Blosat on Twitter here and LinkedIn here  Please give us a rating and review on Apple podcasts and if you found value in this please share it on your social media platforms.  You can follow us on all social media platforms @sportsasajob or visit sportsasajob.com for even more content. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sportsasajob/support
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