42 minutes | Nov 15, 2020

A Young Career Already Filled with Wisdom, Head of Marketing for Momentum, Alec Palmer

The start of a new season with the same mission of helping you navigate the sports industry. To start it off we have Alec Palmer the Head of Marketing for Momentum. At 24 years old he started carving his own path in the sports industry while he was in college. He took his career into his own hands and started to create opportunities for himself. We discuss how with zero experience he was able to convince his baseball team to let him run their socials. Through these experiences, he has learned many things that have led him to being with Momentum. Momentum's focus is "Momentum is an athlete-driven media company that uses storytelling to connect athletes and fans on a human level." We discuss how even though he is young, he is giving back to everyone trying to work in sports as well.  You can follow Alec Palmer on Twitter: HERE or connect on LinkedIn: HERE --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sportsasajob/support
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