36 minutes | Jan 5th 2020

Fairytale of New York: The Changeling by Victor LaValle

To believe in only the practical, the rational, the realistic was a kind of glamour as well. But he couldn’t enjoy the illusion of order anymore. Monsters aren’t real until you meet one.


Row to our secret island in the mist for book club to discuss Victor LaValle's modern horror fairy tale "The Changeling." Aurelien and Catrina dive into the layers of history, lore, violence, and fantasy expertly woven together, and armchair analyze Apollo, our favorite hustling bookseller (and occasional jerk). Part family drama, part true crime, part magical quest, it's a look at modern fatherhood; the sacrifices parents make for children; and the stories that we write about ourselves.


* Theme: Magical Transition by Kevin McLeod * Additional music: Lonely Mountain by Rafael Krux

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