29 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

The Witch Wound Almost Won!

Have you ever felt so anxious about something that it didn’t seem rational? For me, that’s how I felt with public speaking and specifically speaking about how I really felt on topics and what I really believe. That’s right, it was the Witch Wound trying to keep me safe. Although I *know* my chances of being burned at the stake are low this life, my nervous system wasn’t convinced. Reacting to the intense fears and phobias I had really weren’t serving me in my life any more, in fact they were holding me back from expanding into myself and to do the work I really wanted to do.So - I lent ALL the way in! After having some past life memories of persecution and torture for being a witch, I knew it was in this life that resolution needed to happen. And so this podcast was born!In this episode, I share with you some of the challenges and inner experiences I had preparing to launch this podcast, and I announce something SUPER SPECIAL this episode! Something my past life witch self would be so proud of (I hope). A creative project using my voice that I previously NEVER thought I would ever feel confident enough to do.If you are a magical being of any form, I know you will resonate with this episode.With love, I see you wonderful being!Lisa Kotz - Life & Self-Sovereignty CoachWebsite: www.insidetheprism.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/lisackotzFind out your Personal Sovereignty Style - Take the Quiz here: https://www.insidetheprism.com/personal-sovereignty-style/
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