46 minutes | May 4, 2021

Riding the Waves of Courage & Change with Maree Eddings

This week Maree Eddings, Teacher of Transformational Leadership for Womxn, joins us to explore the ways in which our journey to self-sovereignty interconnects with spirituality and leadership. Maree unpacks with me how patriarchal conditioning in our lives can blind us to the expansive potential within us, to live the vision for ourselves and our community. Un-conditioning this is part of the work of claiming our power and sovereignty, going beyond what we have been taught about how things ‘should’ work.I’m so honoured to share this conversation with you as it’s something I myself have been continually working through, and that I support my coaching clients to do too. As energy-sensitive beings, we are truly feeling the waves of change rippling through the old systems and structures that once felt so solid. Let us ride this wave with courage, knowing that we are indeed doing this work together, for each other’s highest potential.Maree Eddings’ Bio:Maree Eddings is a Teacher of Transformational Leadership for Womxn, The Creatrix of Influence Womxn Collective and The Influential Womxn Movement.  She is a speaker, podcaster and budding writer.Maree’s work focuses on unconditioning patriarchal beliefs and behaviours so that womxn can lead in a new era, unburdened by the constraints and structures that they have inherited.She is trained in NLP, Reiki, Matrix Therapies and has created her own modalities of Energy Healing and Coaching, Behavioural Discernment for Leaders and centres her work through her Energy Consciousness Vibration Mapping Method.Maree’s clients are luminaries, change-makers and heart centred entrepreneurs, coaches and healers who have the vision to lead change in this new era.  They are here to connect to their wisdom, power and TRUTH so they are the influential voice in the room.It is time for womxn to stop placating old patterns and behaviour and start leading spaces for change, in every conversation and in every relationship.www.mareeeddings.comwww.instagram.com/mareeeddings/Lisa Kotz - Life & Self-Sovereignty CoachWebsite: www.insidetheprism.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/lisackotzFind out your Personal Sovereignty Style - Take the Quiz here: https://www.insidetheprism.com/personal-sovereignty-style/
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