18 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

My Journey to Sovereignty

Welcome! In this episode, I share with you the 4 pillars of Self-Sovereignty that I have cultivated over my life and work that are the foundation of the work I do with my clients who are on their own Sovereignty Journey.I share about my life and my work as an Intensive Care Nurse and why I became a Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach, as well as some insights into my work with energy, being an edge walker and way-shower and having the ability to walk between the worlds and spaces of birth, death and rebirth,  I set the intention for the podcast, Spiritually Sovereign with Lisa Kotz to be one of coming together, to share, to weave energetic threads of relating, listening, reflecting and being inspired with soul family.Thank you so much for being here!LINKSLisa Kotz - Life & Self-Sovereignty CoachWebsite: www.insidetheprism.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/lisackotzFind out your Personal Sovereignty Style - Take the Quiz here: https://www.insidetheprism.com/personal-sovereignty-style/
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