43 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Fern Medicine and Self-Reflective Love with Ke'oni Hanalei

This episode I am honoured to welcome Ke’oni Hanalei, founder of Pohala Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine based on Maui, Hawai’i. Ke’oni so generously and graciously shares about his Hawaiian/Mū lineage, namely the contemporary lineage of whom he can trace back by name to 20000 years ago, of which he is the carrier of the medicine of Ferns, known as Pua'aehu'ehu. This is his soul’s purpose in this incarnation!As the Hawai’ian Ferns carry the codes to 103 human emotions - the Principles of Aloha, Ke’oni shares the importance of being in ceremony and right relationship so that the Ferns may support humanity on our spiritual journey and help us to embody, live and experience what is known as Aloha Ma - self-reflective love! This is, in Hawaiian spiritual teachings, the way Source/The Nucleus/God experiences itself and on Earth in physical matter, and is what we may choose to mirror and reflect back to each other and ourselves the more we integrate, share and witness of each other, towards transcendence.This episode is very special to me, as the Fern Medicine and Ke’oni’s wisdom have personally supported me to transform into the deepest and most clear expression of my own soul yet. You may hear at times I am still receiving brother’s transmissions whilst still trying to maintain the interview flow (hehe!) That’s how beautifully potent this medicine is.When you are offered a gift such as this - you can’t help but receive with reverence, grace and the deepest gratitude. Enjoy!Working with Plant Medicine as Ceremony: www.pohala.net/medicine-as-a-ceremonyPohala Website: www.pohala.netPohala Instagram: www.instagram.com/pohala_hawaiian_botanicals/LINKSLisa Kotz - Life & Self-Sovereignty CoachWebsite: www.insidetheprism.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/lisackotzFind out your Personal Sovereignty Style - Take the Quiz here: https://www.insidetheprism.com/personal-sovereignty-style/
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