36 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

Animal Communication with Kristen Houser

This week I chat with the most awesome animal ally Kristen Houser! Kristen of Fauna Speak has the most beautiful gift of communicating with our animal kin both on the physical and spirit realms.In this episode I chat with Kristen about the incredible healing ability animals have in our lives, as well as their own mission to support our personal journey of self-sovereignty.I highly recommend Kristen’s work! I have a direct experience of healing and alchemising the pain of grief from the loss of a pet as a result of working with Kristen and would love you to contact her if this sounds like something you may benefit from too.BioKristen Houser is a professional animal communicator. She lives beside the Salish Sea with her husband and cats (Orca + Vaquita). Kristen works remotely with humans and animals all over the world. In addition to private consultations that facilitate dialogue between a person and their animal companion, she also offers mentorship and workshops centered on cultivating one’s own intuition and telepathic abilities. She believes that engaging the wildness within and around us brings us into balance with ourselves, each other and our world. The mission of Kristen via Fauna Speak is to curate a space within human culture to honor the mystical nature of animals and ourselves, thus nurturing each being’s right to sovereignty, self-discovery and wholeness. Website www.faunaspeak.comInstagram www.instagram.com/faunaspeakLisa Kotz - Life & Self-Sovereignty CoachWebsite: www.insidetheprism.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/lisackotzFind out your Personal Sovereignty Style - Take the Quiz here: https://www.insidetheprism.com/personal-sovereignty-style/
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