57 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

156: Lisa Winston – Say YES to life and allow it to transform you at the deepest level

In this episode, Lisa Winston discusses saying YES to life and allowing it to transform you at the deepest level.

Lisa Winston is a gifted vocalist, #1 international bestselling author of “Your Turning Point,” TV host, intuitive mindset strategist and inspirational speaker.

A life of extreme challenges, including losing her home to wildfire, breast cancer, and neuro-Lyme disease, made her hungry for a deeper connection to Source and determined to find her true calling. Today, she shares the message that life is always happening for you and challenges are sent to refine, not define you. Lisa has produced many influential global summits and is also featured on online summits, national radio, podcasts and trainings. She co-hosts and produces The Mindset Reset TV Show, a weekly series which reaches millions, worldwide. Lisa is so grateful to be mom to her beautiful daughter, Sarah, and to live, teach, and speak across the globe with her soulmate, life partner and love, Dr. Joe Vitale.

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Show Notes

★ 1:58 – Intro to Lisa Winston
★ 5:28 – What is it people don’t know about resilience as it relates to your experiences?
★ 11:39 – If we don’t tap into that inner super power that we have, we are not going to get to where we want to go.
★ 12:32 – What are the Top 5 Ways to Build Resilience in Tough Times?
★ 18:16 – What are some of the benefits / shifts that people experience from honoring their feelings?
★ 38:16 – We don’t acknowledge all the good things that we have and all that we have overcome already.
★ 42:03 – Every experience we have, every challenge we get through – we change and grow.
★ 46:21 – Reach out to Lisa at her website: https://lisaawinston.com. Grab her book “Your Turning Point” at Yourturningpointbook.com.

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