36 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

154: Daniel Hanneman – Clearing Shame and Guilt Around Selling

In this episode, Daniel talks about clearing shame and guilt around selling and provides us with a channeled prayer.

  From a best-selling book series, Daniel has co-authored the book, Wake Up Live The Life You Love – Living In Abundance, which featured internationally renowned legends including Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Michael Beckwith. Daniel is the creator of the Your Sacred Purpose that is unleashing the hidden greatest potential within world-changing empaths, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs by loving all of themselves including their full power, their greatest gifts, their truest purpose, and the ability to deepen the awakening of consciousness on the planet while enjoying profound money success.   For More Information

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Show Notes

★ 2:12 – We purchase goods and services from others all the time.
★ 6:01 – Combining Spirituality with money and the idea of selling.
★ 12:19 – We need to be willing to be salespeople for ourselves.
★ 16:31 – Why are we judging ourselves for selling?
★ 23:22 – Your relationship with money is not the same as other people’s relationship with money.
★ 25:34 – You’re meant to enroll people into what it is you’re here to serve.
★ 26:25 – Channeled prayer.

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