64 minutes | Jun 19, 2021

151: Karen McMullen – Human Design & Channeling Your Life Purpose As A Starseed

In this episode, Karen McMullen talks to us about Human Design & Channeling Your Life Purpose As A Starseed.

Karen is a messenger who helps sensitive souls to have the strength to step into their power to serve. She has channeled the books Alchemy of Consciousness and Awaken to your Starseed Mission.

Prior to becoming a channel, Karen enjoyed a thriving coaching and workshop business. Gradually, she became burnt-out and depressed in her “success”. She realized that the marketing and sales methods she was using were a subtle abuse of her powers to charm and influence. After a poignant Human Design reading, she began to reevaluate how she was using her lifeforce.

Seeking enlightenment, she embarked on a weird and wild inward adventure, including moving to Mexico, some major inner healing, becoming an avid salsa dancer and living on the side of a mountain like a monk. Years later, she was surprised one morning when a clear voice began to dictate text to her. Now she shares her channeled messages and Human Design insights through her YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/karenmcmullen

For More Information

To find out more about Karen’s work and receive a free guided activation visit: www.karenmcmullen.ca.

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Show Notes

★ 1:05 – Introduction to Karen McMullen
★ 3:11 – Karen’s journey to where she is now.
★ 10:45 – What is a Starseed?
★ 19:29 – What is it like for you to be a Starseed, in your own experience?
★ 30:00 – Life at its best … is you’re that one piece playing your perfect part in the whole and you can feel and know who you are in the bigger picture.
★ 35:59 – What is Human Design?
★ 41:02 – Karen provides us with a Live channeling
★ 53:00 – Free Gift – A Guided Activation “CONNECT DIRECTLY WITH SOURCE FOR GUIDANCE AND CLARITY”: www.karenmcmullen.ca

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