42 minutes | Jan 5th 2021

90. Transformative Loss, with Kevin White, author of Audacious Generosity

Kevin White, author of Audacious Generosity, shares his story of being terminated from the church he had planted just a few years earlier.  That experience could have crushed him.  But gave him deeper clarity about what really matters—and it led to a whole new ministry that blesses hundred of people every month.THIS EPISODE'S HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:Kevin White is the Executive Director of Global Hope India and author of Audacious Generosity.Kevin White shares how his organization, Global Hope India, had to pivot during the pandemic.Kevin’s primary purpose in life is to pursue God’s presence.The church that Kevin had planted voted to let him go after several years.  This was an incredibly painful moment in Kevin’s life.  It was this experience that showed him that God’s presence is the most important thing.This led to a time of extreme financial insecurity.Because of the financial insecurity, Kevin White and his family started a ministry that provided food both for his family and eventually for five hundred families every month.The experience of loss and suffering makes us more compassionate.Kevin White’s experience of loss and suffering led him to start his organization, Global Hope India.God’s plan has always been audacious generosity.Audacious generosity is a means toward the end of experiencing God’s presence.When people experience suffering and loss they can become cynical and bitter or they can become healthy and compassionate.  Kevin White says that it was the practice of forgiveness that helped him become healthy and compassionate.RELEVANT RESOURCES AND LINKS:Kevin White:Website – kevinwhite.usInstagram - @kevinwhiteusFacebook - @kevinwhite.usaTwitter - @kevinwhiteusLinkedIn - @kevinwhiteusE-mail – kevin@kevinwhite.usBooks mentioned:Audacious Generosity, by Kevin WhiteBeyond Thingification, by Markus WatsonOther Resources:Beyond Thingification Study GuideInstructions to leave a review of Spiritual Life and Leadership:Click HERE.Click on the link that says, "Listen on Apple Podcasts."In the window that opens, click the button that says, "Open Link."  This will open iTunes.To the right of the Spiritual Life and Leadership logo, click "Ratings and Reviews."Under the heading, "Customer Reviews," click on the button that says, "Write a Review."Select the number of stars and write your review.Click submit.I'd be so grateful if you did this.  Thank you!— Links to Amazon are affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through any of these links, I’ll receive a small commission–which will help pay for the Spiritual Life and Leadership podcast!
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