42 minutes | Dec 8th 2020

88. The Border Church, with Seth Clark

The Border Church is a beautiful and prophetic expression of border resistance as followers of Jesus in San Diego, California, join together at the border with Jesus-followers in Tijuana, Mexico--even sharing Communion through the border fence.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Seth Clark, Director of the Pastoral Team forThe Border Church.


  • Seth Clark is the Lead Pastor at First Baptist Church of National City (in San Diego) and Director of the Pastoral Team on the U.S. side of The Border Church.
  • Seth shares his faith journey.  He grew up in the Plymouth Brethren tradition.
  • Numerous experiences helped Seth recognize that his view of the world was shaped by his particular lens.
  • Seth has been involved in The Border Church for about three years.
  • Friendship Park was instituted at the San Diego/Tijuana border by Pat Nixon (Richard Nixon’s wife).
  • Friendship Park was meant to be a place of connection.  But over the years, it has become more and more difficult to connect.
  • Seth Clark describes what it’s like to worship at The Border Church, which meets at Friendship Park.
  • Seth Clark did his doctoral dissertation on The Border Church.  The title of his dissertation is Open Wound, Open Table.
  • Seth shares how he has been formed spiritually since getting involved at The Border Church.
  • To find out more about The Border Church, visit www.borderchurch.org.  You can also connect on Facebook at www.facebook.com/borderchurch.


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