38 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

81. Anger and Spiritual Leadership, with Chuck Whitley

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Chuck Whitley knows that if you’re a leader, you have experienced anger.  Well, if you’re a human being, you’ve experienced anger.

The truth is, anger is a normal, natural human emotion.  The question is, as leaders, how should we navigate our anger in a way that is ultimately productive and that leads to greater health for our organization and greater shalom for those we lead?

Chuck Whitley, helps us better understand what’s going on when we experience anger and how to navigate it in a way that brings flourishing to us and to the world.


  • Chuck Whitley does executive coaching and is the Executive Director of 4C Business.  Chuck coaches from a biblical worldview.
  • Chuck Whitley came to faith as he was about to commit suicide.
  • As a pastor, Chuck Whitley would pray with business people in his church.
  • Chuck’s work now is very much like spiritual direction for business leaders.
  • Anger is essentially the way we enact the fight or flight response to stressful situations.
  • People must first be able to identify that they are experiencing anger. Then they must identify the system they are angry about, rather than the person they are angry at.
  • Chuck Whitley explains the anger-blame cycle.
  • Pastors generally have a theology of forgiveness, but they don’t always have a practice of forgiveness.
  • In order to walk others through the process of dealing with anger, Chuck Whitley has to go through the process himself first.
  • You can reach Chuck Whitley at www.4cbusiness.com.


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