55 minutes | Nov 30, 2015

The Divine Feminine - How you can reactivate your Feminine Wisdom

The “Return of the Goddess” has been an important theme for women of our times – and has been documented in many books and seminars. It’s not surprising actually, given the fact, that for thousands of years the collective theme for women had been the subduing of feminine potential, its power and its wisdom. The majority of women were born into circumstances where they had no choice other than to deny the Divine Feminine in themselves on a daily basis. Now, in the age of global transformation, more and more women are discovering the potential of this inner goddess, heal her, reactivate her and embrace her in everyday life. Sometimes this will happen intuitively, but quite frequently, there are times where women look for inspiration mentally and spiritually and need help in raising their energy. Both Ingrid Auer and her guest Dr. Amber Wolf see it as their mission to support women in their awakening process and help them grow. ingridauer.com
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