56 minutes | Oct 12, 2015

Souls on their way to our planet earth. Spiritual support through pregnancy and childbirth

Regarding pregnancy and child birth there is already a plethora of publications to choose from, covering all the stages and offering education and insight. To this very day, though, one crucial subject remains largely untouched, consciously so or not: Spirituality. Let’s be honest here - hardly anybody talks about it. In proportion to the significance it carries for the well-being of the future mother and her yet to be born child, as a society, we don’t give this theme the attention it deserves. The need to bring spirituality into this rather unexplored corner of life is intensifying. This is a simply so, because the changes and transformation that mankind has been undergoing for quite a while now, are revving up. So, the issue is not “which faith” and “which religion”, but spiritual knowledge that reaches deep into the areas covering pregnancy and child birth and in this way, complements what orthodox medicine and its holistic counterpart are already bringing to the table.
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