55 minutes | Nov 9, 2015

Music opens you up to Spirituality

Every human being is hardwired for spirituality -- or – to say it in different words – there is no such thing as a non-spiritual human being. Admittedly, we do live in times where people are more or less focusing on achievements in the domains of economy, science, technology, medicine and research. So, in everyday life, there is usually little or no room for spirituality. We know from our ancient writings that spiritual ceremonies and rituals have always been accompanied by sound, be it human voices or music played on instruments. Sounds have the capacity to transport body and mind into higher realms of existence. Scientific studies have proven once and for all that music and harmonic sound vibrations influence not only the physical body in a positive way, but also the subtle bodies like the chakras and the auric field. This is the reason why holistic doctors, health practitioners, midwives or healers use music to help effect positive change.
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