56 minutes | Nov 23, 2015

Mary Magdalene: What I have always wanted to tell you! Part 2

The majority of people know Mary Magdalene from the Bible. Her character is the prostitute and the sinner. But ever since the discovery of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and its subsequent interpretation by a well- known scientist her image over the years has changed. Nowadays lots of books about Mary Magdalene are in existence and in these books she is featured as the actual successor of Jesus. She is supposed to have spent the second half of her life in a part of Europe that we know today as Southern France. There you can still find numerous places and sites where she and her former companions are revered and worshipped. Ingrid Auer, who is a medium and channel for Mary Magdalene, has been visiting this stretch of land for many years now. She offers Spiritual Travels to the very region where Jesus’ wife once lived and taught. Moreover, she has produced a line of spiritual tools which have been energized directly through Mary Magdalene and that of her companions.
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