56 minutes | Dec 7, 2015

Healing on the spiritual level for humans and animals alike. The development continues

It has taken quite a while already to get to the point where alternative and holistic ways of treatment have been taken seriously in Europe and other parts of the Western world. People warmed to it slowly and lots of folks, let’s say the majority, still are prescribing to allopathic medicine exclusively. One reason is the fact that scientific research and technology have done extremely well and were able to save countless lives. But recently, in the wash of transformational change that has swept the globe, more and more people are orienting themselves to a new direction and discover spiritual healing methods. Energy healing, which takes mental and emotional levels of human existence into consideration, will ultimately show results on the physical level as well. Not only that: our spiritual forces and energy potential will be activated at the same time – this portion of us that has always been part of our soul, throughout many lifetimes, but has stayed dormant until now.
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