57 minutes | Nov 16, 2015

Across the rainbow bridge. Spiritual care for the terminally-ill and for those who are in mourning

Symbolically, the rainbow is a bridge from the physical world into the world of spirit. Crossing over from one to the other means death and there is hardly another process in anybody’s life which can compare to dying and the grief that surrounds it. On the other hand, it can also bring us closer to spirituality. Even when we have avoided this subject for most of our life - dying, death and mourning will force us to get interested. Most industrial countries don’t make room for such events in people’s lives. It is not exactly a theme we care to discuss much, because, after all, it would confront us with having to get real about the finality of human existence. Spiritual support for coping with bereavement can be given without having to resort to a specific religion but does not exclude religious people either. They are benefitting just as much. Spiritual tools, with their noninvasive and nurturing energy are able to guide us through our whole life until the end. ingridauer.us
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