17 minutes | Jun 11, 2019

Meeting Yourself With Compassion - Always, Spiritual Business w. Mariaestela

Meeting Yourself With Compassion - Always, whether in life or business to me is instrumental in the dissolving of fear and expansion of love. Some of my clients will probably say that I’m a little bit off the deep end with this one because I am very persistent when it comes to this. It is about the compassion that you show yourself. It’s about the love that you shower yourself with. Because love, it makes the world a better place and if you are someone who is expanding your business, if you’re someone who is even starting your business, if you’re someone who is working on your business, there are so many challenges. Shownotes and Transcript: https://mariaestela.com/2019/06/meeting-yourself-with-compassion-always-spiritual-business-w-mariaestela/ If you enjoyed this video, share it, then subscribe to the channel and If you are ready for deep powerful change I invite you to join my Sacred Community of Radiant Beings here to uplift and awaken the world through wholeheartedness at https://www.mariaestela.com I HANG OUT HERE: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xomariaestela My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/mariaestelaxo
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