108 minutes | Nov 1, 2020


In the Season 1 finale, the guys cover different concepts of Infinity. First, we talk about creating Infinity Bottle from the collection of ending drops of spirits. Next, the discussion leads to an asteroid in the solar system that could change the face of the human race. Then, we talk about a mythological creature that symbolizes infinity. Finally, we go in-depth about a song from a Mississippi rapper that discusses how to handle infinity across generations. THE DRINK SPIRIT: THE INFINITY BOTTLE [02:22] What is an Infinity Bottle? [3:20] How do you start the process of making an Infinity Bottle? [5:10] What flavors do you mix in an Infinity Bottle? [6:22] What drinks were used in this Infinity Bottle? How long did it take? [10:41] Old Overholt and the Bottled in Bond process. [13:00] The Pour. [14:22] The Taste. [21:20] Dul joins the show, gives his thoughts on the Infinity Bottle. BONUS: PSYCHE 16 ASTEROID [25:43] What is Psyche 16? [28:40] Why is Psyche 16 so important? [29:18] The Gold Rush and how a new corporate rush on Psyche 16 would turn into “The Expanse”. [32:31] How long would a mission to Psyche 16 take? [34:57] Proposed launch date awared by NASA to Space X. [35:24] How much money is Psyche 16 estimated to be worth? (It’s alot!!) [37:41] How would that much wealth created change the The Human Race on Earth? [43:20] A possible explanation for a Space Force division in the military. THE SUPERNATURAL SPIRIT: THE OUROBOROS [47:25] Introduction of The Ouroboros. [49:38] What is the Ouroboros? [50:16] When and where did it originate? [53:20] How does the process of it eating itself work? [55:26] Why is the symbolism of The Ouroboros so enduring across so many cultures? [59:04] Contemporary references of The Ourobors. [1:05:26] The Ouroboros as a metaphor for egotistical spectacle. THE LYRICS: 4EVA IS A MIGHTY LONG TIME INTRO by BIG K.R.I.T. [1:07:49] Big K.R.I.T. background. [1:09:53] The rise of rappers from smaller, not well known locations. [1:13:41] What is “The South” when it comes to rap music? [1:14:50] The Great Migration of Black Americans and it’s impact. [1:17:15] The King(s) of The South? [1:24:50] Making an investment of a relationship with a new artist. [1:27:40] Memories of the era of The Double Album. [1:31:05] Breaking down 4eva iz A Mighty Long Time Intro and how it relates to Ragnarok. [1:47:12] Outro   Find | SPIRITS & LYRICS Website: spiritsandlyrics.com Email: spiritsandlyrics@gmail.com  On Instagram: @spiritsandlyrics On Twitter: @lyrics_spirits On Facebook: facebook.com/spiritsandlyrics215
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