60 minutes | Aug 1st 2017

Two Way Prayer—An 11-Step Tool Rediscovered

A.A. pioneers used Two Way Prayer as a daily practice—in fact, they considered it more essential for recovery than attendance at meetings. By listening each morning and following their guidance, these women and men entered into a new and transforming relationship with their God. Grounded in this practice, they achieved recovery rates far higher than today’s. Throughout the years, Two Way Prayer was gradually lost as a component of contemporary 12-step programs. Special guest Father Bill W., an episcopal priest, shares how Two Way Prayer works, how it has been adapted to a more contemporary form, and the promising results of a recent study. Father Bill is a person in long-term recovery from alcohol addiction since 1972. He is the former chair of recovery ministries for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, a recovery and family therapist, and retired president and CEO of Austin Recovery. Learn more at twowayprayer.org and friendsofdrbob.org.