52 minutes | Aug 26th 2020

Hannah Franco on Life After Athleta, Launching Epoque Evolution & Responsible Fashion Brand Building in the Here and Now

Welcome to the new normal (okay, everything these days could arguably fall under that umbrella, but moving on): it's a place where a multi-faceted creative leaves a well-known brand that anyone seeking a role in sustainable fashion would covet to partner up with a favorite colleague and take the leap into the realms of new brand-building in order to create what they wanted to see in the world.

Why the new normal? Because it's all starting to happen: entrepreneurs aiming to reach mainstream shoppers with busy lives and lots of demands for their clothing are not only serving their customers with style and function combined, but also making their bottom line one that prioritizes not only fashion but sustainable choices, ethical manufacturing and fair labor standards.

She'll walk you through how a career path like that comes together, as well as what she wishes she and her co-founder had done differently from the start. But that's the beauty of learning from someone else: they're paying it forward with their actual experience so you can get where you're going faster. Plus, listen in for her thoughts on mindfulness for entrepreneurs and the advice she hopes every female entrepreneur will listen to right now.

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Meet this week's guest, Hannah Franco, Co-Founder of époque évolution.

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