32 minutes | Sep 25, 2020

Sarah - It's the Best Thing I've Done

In this episode we hear from Sarah who says breastfeeding her children is the best thing she's done. We talk about how she flexed her work life to accommodate breastfeeding on demand, her feelings toward pumping (spoiler alert: she's not a fan), how to ignore misguided advice, the revelation that one can treat mastitis without antibiotics (and how the baby can actually save you), her experience nursing in-flight and her overall advice to be patient with yourself. Sarah is a mom of two active, sweet boys, Oliver (4) and Jack (2.5), and runs her own family law practice in Montana. She and her husband are currently living a real life version of “Flip or Flop” as they renovate their new home together.CreditsPodcast artwork by Staci Oswald, Trampoline DesignMusic - "Playdate" by The Great North Sound Society
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