36 minutes | Nov 23, 2020

Beth H - Getting Baby to Sleep

In this episode we focus on a topic intricately tied to breastfeeding and new parenthood -- getting your baby to sleep (and getting enough sleep yourself!)Beth Hawkins is a UK-based BabySleepTheNight qualified child sleep consultant and a Mum who can talk from the heart about struggles with her own family's sleep challenges. For Mums and Dads wanting to make a change, she offers practical advice, bespoke sleep plans, and emotional support. You can learn more about Beth's services, including upcoming workshops, at https://www.starrynightsbabysleep.com. She's also posts helpful baby sleep content on Instagram @starry_nights_baby_sleepCreditsPodcast artwork by Staci Oswald, Trampoline DesignMusic - "Playdate" by The Great North Sound Society
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