52 minutes | Dec 10, 2020

Gerard Geer - Skeletal Articulator Part 2

TRIGGER WARNING - THIS EPISODE DISCUSSES REMAINS OF BOTH HUMAN AND ANIMAL, AND ALSO HUMAN FETUSES AND MISCARRIAGE  Love science and conservation? Want to discover new ways to protect our species? Elle Kaye chats with guests who work within the science genre, but whose job titles may need a little unpacking. Strap in for entomology, taxidermy, diaphonization, pet remains, human pathology and all those that work with specimens. In episode 005, Elle chats with Gerard about inadvertently committing criminal offences through his artistic practice, discovering diaphonization and skeletal articulation, and his recent work as a science educator across Australia.  Show Notes, IG Links and Further Reading Gerard's IG www.instagram.com/articulated_imagination  Gerard's Website www.gerard-geer.com Gerard's Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gerardgeer.art/ Literature https://www.theboneman.com/bone-building-books Workshops https://gerard-geer.com/workshop Brumby (for the UK folk) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brumby Elle Kaye IG www.instagram.com/ellekayetaxidermy Artwork © 2020 Madison Erin Mayfield http://madisonerinmayfield.com/ www.instagram.com/madisonerinmayfield Specimens Podcast  www.instagram.com/specimenspod www.twitter.com/specimenspod Music  Harrison Amer - Giraffes via Premium Beat Edited and Produced by Elle Kaye Title/Concept © 2020 Elle Kaye 
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