59 minutes | Oct 16, 2019

SOC090. Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO at Fintech Worldwide, on Blockchain For Impact in Action WCW008.

Dr. Jane Thomason, Author of Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change, shares her thoughts on the importance of putting digital identity on a blockchain, how remittances, using blockchain, can aid in financial inclusion, and why being able to hold Bitcoin in emerging economies is empowering.   This is Episode 90 for the Speaking of Crypto podcast. Episode #8 for our Women in Crypto Wednesday series.   But before we get started a BIG SHOUTOUT and many THANK YOUs to our show sponsors.   Please check out our show sponsors at speakingofcrypto.com/partners This show is sponsored by LEDN+ STARK+ LOLLI We also talk about   Supply chains being able to prove provenance decentralized autonomous communities how to encourage globally collaborative action (hyper-co-collaboration) what blockchain project has woken everyone up   I caught up with Jane while she was in NYC for the United Nations General Assembly at the time when Greta Thunberg was also there sharing her message on climate change. Jane talks about what a new concept it is to be an influencer.   “When I was younger and growing up and throughout most of my career, the people who could be really influential were largely Prime Ministers, heads of major corporation, heads of international agencies. And, just a random person with a point of view at that time could never stand up on the stage at the UNGA or anywhere else and have opinions that people paid attention to. And that's totally changed with social media.   If you’re enjoying the podcast, please take a minute to rate, review and subscribe. This goes a long way to helping people who are new to crypto find the show.     Follow Dr. Jane Thomason on Twitter@janeathomason + LinkedIn    Buy the Book Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change   Follow Speaking of Crypto on:   💻Speaking of Crypto website https://speakingofcrypto.com 🎞️The New Internet documentary film https://speakingofcrypto.com/new-internet/ ₿🔥Earn, Save, Give, Spend Bitcoin series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8Njnt4Qkz4&list=PLCEg8ts6-x9VJQLjwyTnADbnW81UITARf 💁‍♀️Women in Crypto Wednesday series https://speakingofcrypto.com/wcwpod/   🎇Apple: http://bit.ly/SOCrypto 🔥GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/SOC_GP 🎉Spotify: http://bit.ly/SOCspot   ✅Twitterhttps://twitter.com/speakingcrypto@SpeakingCrypto ✅YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRGt9KoEi2zGHTAE5vEUFjw?view_as=subscriber ✅LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-grinnell-8255724a/ ✅Medium https://medium.com/speaking-of-crypto ✅Minds https://www.minds.com/speakingcrypto   Join for updates:   💌Speaking of Crypto https://speakingofcrypto.com  
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