64 minutes | Oct 6, 2019

SOC087. Dominic Hrabe, Founder at EvolvEvents, on World Crypto Con and Vegas Blockchain Week

Dominic Hrabe, Founder at EvolvEvents talks about organizing World Crypto Con and Vegas Blockchain Week.This is Episode 87 for the Speaking of Crypto podcast.   Dominic’s a people person who believes that bringing people and talents together is how new ideas accelerate, proliferate and grow into projects that are greater than the sum of its parts.   We talk about what’s broken in the American healthcare system, why he believes segmentation in blockchain is coming and we talk about what makes World Crypto Con and Vegas Blockchain Week unique.   I’m excited to be a part of World Crypto Con 2019 in Las Vegas where I’ll be MC-ing at Dev Con.   Check out our partners page for more info at speakingofcrypto.com/partners   In this episode Dominc and I talk about:   Being a smaller kid to competing in power lifting The reactive healthcare model How was convinced about Bitcoin Where he bought his first Bitcoin in person The unfolding of a new business in crypto Bringing people and talents together Segmentation of the blockchain ecosystem Vehicle identity standard for interoperability World Crypto Con Vegas Blockchain Week events UX improvements The disappearance of crypto and blockchain @michaelterpin @coinagenda @charlieshrem @cryptoIQtraining @charlielee @litecoinsummit @EOSalliancesummit Shout outs to @MarkYusko @pomp @meltem The ICO boom and crypto scams @david moss and @Thomascox Why Facebook’s Libra is bullish for the space Focus on Stacking sats when building a crypto portfolio Please check out our sponsors at speakingofcrypto.com/partners And… if you’re enjoying the podcast, please take a minute to rate, review and subscribe. This goes a long way to helping people who are new to crypto find the show.     Dominic Hrabe Links: Dominc Hrabe on LinkedIn WCC on Twitter @WorldCryptoCon
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