60 minutes | Oct 4, 2019

SOC086. Alex Adelman, CEO at Lolli, EARN Bitcoin Free with Lolli ESGS01.

Alex Adelman, CEO at Lolli, talks about how you can earn Bitcoin for free when you shop online, what he does to help with Bitcoin adoption and education and why he thinks we’re still in the early days in the crypto payments space. This is Episode 86 for the Speaking of Crypto podcast - the first episode for our Earn, Save, Give, Spend Bitcoin Series. Lolli’s one of our show sponsors. I’m a big fan of Lolli, the team, and what they’re up to and think that being able to earn Bitcoin by doing things we already do – like shop in this case, is one of the best ways for those who are new to Bitcoin to get excited about the space. We talk about: What sparked the idea for Lolli What cheapens a brand or elevates it What happens if bitcoin goes up 5x Creative shopping from outside of the US Wen Canada? Working on merchant adoption Merchants becoming Bitcoiners Lolli blog+ Bitcoin education Is it too early for BTC payments companies? margins in the payments space payment flows the power of the Bitcoin community Paul Puey shoutout Bitcoin vs points The Lolli wallet + cold storage wallets Second layer applications Running a node @CasaHODL @bluewalletio@lightning @CashApp The grandma test  We talk about Bitcoin vs points. “Points are like something that a lot of times. The consumer doesn't realize it, but it's an arbitrage on them. Most points never get used. It's because you forget about them, it's because they might have terms and conditions where they can take their points back, they can change the price of them. If every company had its own point system. It's like the most centralized cryptocurrency in the world.”  Please check out our sponsors at speakingofcrypto.com/partners And… if you’re enjoying the podcast, please take a minute to rate, review and subscribe. This goes a long way to helping people who are new to crypto find the show.     Alex Adelman Links: Lolli Alex Adelman on LinkedIn @alexadelman on Twitter @trylolli on Twitter
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