31 minutes | Aug 18, 2019

078. Robert Beadles, President at Monarch, on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash + the Future of Crypto

Robert Beadles, aka Crypto Beadles, is the President of Monarch, which is a non-custodial wallet as well as a payment solution. Not only is he president of one of the most successful wallets in the crypto space, but he’s also a YouTuber and share’s great interviews with some of incredible frontrunners in the space. I urge you to check out his YouTube channel, too, because with every video they post, they also give away $100 in Bitcoin cash. So check out Crypto Beadles on YouTube. Robert and I sat down for this conversation while we were at the Futurist Conference in Toronto. Thanks to Tracy and the amazing Untraceable team for putting on another incredible event and thanks to Robert for a great interview to Aaron for recording this one for us!  Here’s what we chat about:  Max Keiser’s influence Getting into Bitcoin in 2011 Monarch Pay and the Free Ross, Fund Ross campaign Monarch Wallet’s non-custodial solution Facebook’s Libra and crypto adoption Facebook, trust and global regulation YouTube and the $100 Bitcoin cash giveaways $100 around the globe Decentralized social media + paid content Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash What percentage of his holdings are in Bitcoin When I asked him about where he sees the future of crypto, he says: “You can already see the move towards digital currencies, especially when you have things like the Fed coin, or the Federal Reserve talking about their own currency in 2022. So you already know that that's the direction we're going, is with a digital currency. Do I think they'll still be some fiat paper out there? Of course, just like there's still people with cheque books.” We had a great conversation. I have huge respect for Robert aka Crypto Beadles and what he’s building, both at Monarch and on the educational side with his fantastic YouTube channel. Check out our affiliate links at speakingofcrypto.com/earncrypto for some great ways to support the show. And if you’re enjoying the podcast, please take a minute to rate, review and subscribe. This goes a long way to helping people who are new to crypto find the show. And to all of you listening – thank you for helping to make this podcast happen! Crypto Beadles on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcE2GkGcKxHjZoMVM7tjmyA   Twitter https://twitter.com/RobertBeadles   Monarch Wallet https://monarchwallet.com  
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