13 minutes | Jul 22, 2019

075. Austin Davis on Bitcoin, Blockchain – Why Community Is Key

Austin Davis, Founder at Blockchain Beach and Co-founder and CEO at The Global Hackathon, has been in Bitcoin space since 2012. His energy is contagious, and he isn’t just talking about the technology, he’s building with it.   Austin has an engineering background so he’s understands blockchain from the code up. He’s actively creating community through hackathons and meet-ups and he’s working with great teams of people to help drive the space forward.   When it comes to crypto, those who are in it are reshaping our future. I asked Austin what it takes to change the world.   “I would say it takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of willpower and longevity, because you have to stand the test of time”   About the crypto community -   “I've seen a lot of characters for sure in the industry, and a lot of inspiration and really powerful people that are coming together - thought leaders, people that are planning the future economies of the world, people that are thinking a lot further beyond what's in front of their face. So, I would say the crypto communities are very strong and vibrant, accepting, powerful, engaging.”   Check out our affiliate links at speakingofcrypto.com/earncrypto for some great ways to support the show. And if you’re enjoying the podcast, please take a minute to rate, review and subscribe. This goes a long way to helping people who are new to crypto find the show. And to all of you listening – thank you for helping to make this podcast happen! I couldn’t do it without you! Blockchain Beach https://www.blockchainbeach.us The Global Hackathon https://theglobalhackathon.com Austin Davis https://twitter.com/aedavis
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