67 minutes | Jul 16, 2019

074. Alan Wunsche on Tokenization as Investment + Opportunity

Alan Wunsche, CEO at Token Funder, talks about why tokenization is an opportunity and where the industry is heading? Why would the average person want to buy into a fraction of an asset? “It's actually not that complicated you because you believe you're going to be getting some cash flow from it from the rent, or because you're going to get capital appreciation. Otherwise, you're being very generous and letting someone live in your asset.” Are we going to be living in a Ready Player One world where our digital assets become more important than our real-world assets, or more valuable? Will everything that is currently a security, become fractionalized, tokenized and distributed in a very different way to traditional assets now? Alan explains why he’s excited about moving from an internet where few players were able to accumulate large amounts of wealth to a decentralized internet where financial inclusion is part of its design. “We're taking these steps to really bring people along if you want to start dabbling in this space. Now, of course, the promise, we hope, is your hundred dollars really is going to an exciting future company that a VC would have put $100 into. And, they would have benefited, but in this case, you as an average person will now participate in wealth creation.” TokenFunder https://about.tokenfunder.com   Alan Wunsche https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanwunsche/
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