50 minutes | Oct 7, 2020

Speaking in Tech #354 - Unfiltered

On this week's Speaking in Tech, Melissa and Peter talk about the US Senate subpoena of Twitter's, Facebook's and Google's CEOs; Facebook banning ads that delegitimise election outcomes; Snapchat's role in voter participation; Google's mental health concerns with photo filters on Pixel phones; GCHQ discovering a 'nationally significant' vulnerability in Huawei equipment; how the NHS in England is promoting their contact tracing app with Deloitte and Salesforce also trying to get in on the act; whether deleting WhatsApp counts as destroying evidence; Cazoo's new mega-valuation; Google turning off FTP in Chrome; and more!

00:00 The tooth hurts 02:10 School days, snow days 05:25 Are your communications decent? 10:27 Is your election legit? Facebook thinks so 15:24 Snapchat rocks the vote 18:56 Google bans photo filters on the Pixel - or do they? 23:37 Another bad news day for Huawei 28:01 The NHS emails... well, kinda everyone 33:46 Deloitte and Salesforce are selling - are you buying? 35:48 Beat the rap with WhatsApp 40:10 Caz000,000,000 43:52 FTP: Forget That Protocol 46:56 What's in store next week


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