36 minutes | Jun 15th 2020

Speaking in Tech #347 - Now You See Me

This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) talk about YouTube’s $100m to support Black contributors and users; Google’s countersuit against Sonos; Facebook’s misstep on Workplace; Twitter’s takedown of accounts supporting the Chinese government; Microsoft, IBM and Amazon on facial recognition technology; Kahoot’s success; an investigation into Facebook’s acquisition of Giphy; and more! 00:00 Seattle vs England 03:09 YouTube gets generous 08:17 Google vs Sonos: like The War of the Roses except no Danny DeVito 12:59 Facebook Workplace won’t be unionising anytime soon 16:53 How many Twitter accounts does China need anyway 20:57 Facial freedom? 25:59 Kahoot’s a unicorn 29:27 UK to Facebook: Giphy might be iffy 33:20 Conferences and customers