34 minutes | Apr 27, 2020

Speaking In Tech #344 - No Surprises

On this week's @SPEAKINGinTECH, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@PeterSmallbone) discuss the new version of Zoom; Telegram's MAU milestone; a buoyant set of figures for Citrix; another nail in Adobe Flash's coffin; good news for Intel; an alleged hacking attempt by Vietnam on China; a new home for IBM Watson; a look back at a funny news story from 2012; and more! 00:00 What we did last week (surprise, surprise)... 03:26 Zoom versions up - is it a good thing? 06:57 Telegram just not being WhatsApp seems to work 10:58 Citrix: thin client, fat wallet 16:26 Adobe Flash gets dumped by LibreOffice 18:41 Intel just can't stop selling those chips 21:44 Vietnam has a pop at China, allegedly 26:20 Watson says goodbye to Baker Street 29:05 When 'non-commercial use' is as commercial as you can get 30:48 What we're doing next week (surprise, surprise)...
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