38 minutes | Mar 24, 2020

Speaking in Tech #343 - Staying Home

The week's tech news stories are dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, although Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) do manage to find some other stories out there too. The pair talk about Everlywell's new coronavirus test that you can do at home; Elon Musk's offer to make ventilators; Microsoft's success with Teams; NASA's misstep on cloud egress charges; IBM mainframe and Chinese server sales on the up; ransomware crooks not targetting healthcare; the iPad Pro getting tooled up much like a Surface Pro; and more! 00:00 If it hadn't already got real, it just did 07:02 Everlywell lets you do it at home 10:02 Elon vents... in a good way 13:37 Microsoft's a Teams player 21:12 NASA realises that what goes up must come down 24:13 Life is great - if you're IBM or a Chinese server maker 27:18 Ransomware loves healthcare 30:23 Battle of the Pros 34:17 What we're doing next week (no surprises...)
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