37 minutes | Feb 20, 2020

Speaking in Tech #341 - Caught in a Web

This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@PeterSmallbone) are joined by Jerry Vasquez of Liquid Web (@LiquidWeb). The trio talk Mac vs Windows on malware; Google removing the ToTok messaging app from its Play store; Russia banning Tutanota secure email; what's happening with enterprise SSD and HDD sales; the latest on Xerox's attempted acquisition of HP Inc; and more! 00:00 AWOL in Seattle 02:02 Jerry joins in 03:20 Mac beats Windows... on malware 07:14 ToTok gets the chop 09:45 Tutanota is no Russian doll 13:01 SSDs are sooo last quarter 16:56 Xerox gets grubby with HP Inc 22:12 Jerry talks Liquid Web 35:15 What next week brings
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