50 minutes | Jan 8th 2020

Speaking in Tech #340 - Bricked

This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@PeterSmallbone) are joined by Tara Kelly (@TKtechnow), CEO and Founder of Splice Software (@SPLICESoftware). The trio talk about Google's tax woes, Amazon's initiatives to help homeless people in Seattle - as well as the startup scene in that city, Sonos's controversial new trade-in process, using AI for breast cancer diagnosis, LibreOffice's first decade, how Splice Software can help customers and more! 00:00 Christmas, waxworks and Star Wars 02:24 Introducing Tara... and a bit more Star Wars 03:39 Google's Double Irish and Dutch Sandwich are off the menu 08:15 Gimme shelter, Amazon 12:47 Seattle's stupendous startups 16:45 Sonos says 'brick me' 27:11 AI is best for breast 33:40 LibreOffice chalks up ten years 36:23 Tara talks Splice Software 48:24 Next week's plans