52 minutes | Dec 24th 2019

Speaking in Tech #339 - Must have more Disruption

In the second of a very special two-part episode, Peter Smallbone (@petersmallbone) reports on the world of tech startups at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019. Please note this is a live event recoring and audio quality will be affected by that. 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:10 Innovative apps for NASA and others with Charlie Regis (@CharlieRegis), Co-Founder, Styliff Tech (@stylifftech / https://styliff.com) 00:06:19 Wearable technology to prevent industrial injuries with Matthew Hart, Founder, Soter Analytics (@SoterAnalytics / https://www.soteranalytics.com) 00:15:57 Software development for cloud computing, mobile apps, IoT and BLE with Grzegorz Kapusta (@gkapusta), CEO and Piotr Herstowski, Business Development Lead, Polidea (@polidea / https://www.polidea.com) 00:22:33 Data labelling for AI with Lars Wulfken (@wulfskin), VP Product, Canotic (@canoticai / https://canotic.com) 00:33:01 Hyperlocal video streaming with Christian Walther, Director Product, Joyn (@JoynDeutschland / https://www.joyn.de) 00:36:51 Automated cloud security with Manuela Ticudean, Co-Founder, Cyscale (@cyscale / https://www.cyscale.com) 00:42:14 Financial wellbeing with Alexander Brouwer (@alexanderbrwr), Founder and CEO and Veronica Fresneau (@verofresneau), Head of Marketing and Communications, Vive (@Vive_App / https://www.viveapp.com) 00:49:18 Winners of Startup Battlefield announced!